Community Involvement

Community Involvement
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Today we see a world around us that, more than ever, can use the help of companies willing and able to make a difference. With our time, our people, our products, and our monetary support, we are helping institutions and organizations that make the world a better place. As of 2016 we have:

Helped our future generations learn high-paying, useful skills.

  • 1,400+ teachers were provided Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) training and resources.
  • 440,000 students were provided educational activities and programming.

Built homes for those in need.

  • We assisted in the repairs and rebuilding of 150 homes in our communities last year.
  • 230,000 volunteers were provided tools for rebuilding efforts.

Helped communities recover after disasters strike.

  • Last year we assisted in 17 disaster relief responses around the world, supporting 17,000 families.
  • We donated nearly $2 million in tools for hurricane and earthquake support this year.

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