COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response
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Throughout this challenging period, Stanley Black & Decker remains focused on our number one priority of ensuring the safety and health of our employees, while at the same time continuing to serve our customers and doing our part to support our communities and help stop the spread.

Our teams have always, and continue to, support those who make the world healthy. That includes frontline caregivers, first responders, manufacturers of healthcare equipment, maintenance personnel, and construction teams supporting critical infrastructure.

Our Key Priorities

  1. Keeping our employees and their families safe and healthy
  2. Ensuring continuity of operations and financial strength to deliver to our customers
  3. Doing our part to help communities and governments mitigate the effects of the virus

Vaccinate to Protect Against COVID-19

Knowledge is power. We want to arm not only our employees but also all members of our local communities with accurate, timely and medically sound COVID-19 communications. We encourage everyone to stay informed by staying connected to trustworthy health resources, such as WHO, CDC and And we’re partnering with Health Action Alliance and the Ad Council to relay critical vaccine information to a wide audience. Our hope: once everyone gets the facts, they’ll be that much more confident to get the vaccine.

In addition, Stanley Black & Decker has been offering vaccination clinics as it makes sense in different locations around the globe and as vaccines have become available in locations within the U.S. where we are working to encourage vaccinations.

We’ve held more than 30 on-site or nearby events with partners, providing tens of thousands with the opportunity to get the vaccine – and we know several thousand have received it through our clinics.